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Why they don't let me do web design

I was talking to someone about doing some website work lately. While my part of the work is mainly focused on the back end ( php, some xml/xsl, and a bit of ajax ), I was trying to explain how it would be tied together on the front end to make a nice, fast loading, single page product ordering wizard. And it's kind of hard explaining how the interface will look, what parts of the html will dynamically change, and how that all ties to the structure of the HTML; and other output from the php I'll be writing. So, I got out a simple online drawing tool, and sketched this out:

Broken down, it's one large containing DIV. An upper DIV which holds a series of tabs relating to the product options. Below that, a main content area, divided into 2 sections. An options selection area on the left, and a product preview on the right.

As Kevin likes to say, "It makes sense in my head."



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